What’s SUPP?

The main goal of the SUPP project is to create a comprehensive psychosocial support program which will facilitate early integration with academic and local community and help to cope with challenges of studying abroad.

SUPP is an innovative project dedicated to the creation of a comprehensive program to facilitate foreign students with an early integration into the local and academic communities, and supporting them in overcoming the challenges associated with studying in a foreign country. As part of the project, a thorough analysis will be carried out of the needs and best practice in the field of psychosocial support in higher education institutions. This analysis will form the basis for the creation of methods of psychological problems prevention, promotion of student integration, and support for students requiring specialized help.

Where does SUPPort come from?

SUPP is financed from a grant received from Scholarship and Training Fund in the „Development of Polish Higher Education Institutions” competition (http://www.fss.org.pl/en/). SUPP competed against 123 other grant applications and finally was among only 38 projects that were highly rated and granted the financial resources. The Medical University of Warsaw also partly sponsors the project.