SUPP based on the Best Practice

On the 6-8 of May of this year, we held the first workshop for the team members working on the SUPP project, aimed at identifying and developing the “best practice” guidelines offered to foreign students at universities, with special emphasis on cultural adaptation, integration and psychosocial support.

The first day of the workshop was devoted to both the analysis prepared by the team reports on the scope and quality of activities currently offered to foreign students at the Medical University of Warsaw, as well as hearing examples of good practices offered
by other leading national and international universities.

During two consecutive days, the team members, on the basis of the reports, have identified areas that should be examined in the framework of the SUPP project.
For this purpose, a research questionnaire was designed to assess the current state
of the functioning of the students and their needs and satisfaction with the psychosocial support and offered adaptation and integration with the local community and academic expectations. The scope of studies conducted in focus group meetings was also discussed during the workshop, which are complementary to the quantitative research questionnaire.

The workshop was attended by experts Norwegian: Unni Karin Moksnes (HIST) and Espen Munkvik (SiT), members of the university SUPP project team: Magdalena Łazarewicz (project manager), Dorota Wlodarczyk, Aleksandra Winiarska, Artur Białoszewski, Anna Gilbert, Marta Ołdak and student representatives of the 6-year program English Division
II Faculty of Medicine: Gosia Chudyk (III year) and Conrad Erikson (VI year). The work was also supported by Tomasz Krasuski and Michal Skrzek. Andrzej Artemiuk oversaw the meeting to make sure that it proceeded in an organized and efficient manner.